Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flown the Coop

There's a jewelry store in the Cherry Hill Mall that features these very grand crystal birds in their displays, possibly in the hopes that a large glittering pink parrot would positively compell us to buy a heart-shaped diamond ring. Well, I might have not fit their target demographic, as I left, sans heart-shaped diamond ring. Yet the crystal bird haunted me: Was this objet d'art available for purchase, and if so, where could I incorporate one in my drab daily life?

I immediately thought of the Archer Court salad servers sold by Neiman Marcus-owned Horchow. These overwrought branch-like salad throwers are just begging for a crystal bird of some sort. And behold, Swarovski came to my rescue. They offer not one, but three choices of birds for your very own overwrought utensils and the like. I'd rest my salad servers near the perch, in an unassuming way, in a buffet setting. The site also recommends the birds for your desk too, but unless you had one of those lovely light-filled offices, the birds would seem to be a depressing reminder of your lack of basic freedoms at work.

Swarovski birds are available at the Swarovski retail stores in King of Prussia and Willow Grove.