Friday, May 19, 2006

Modular Wallcovering.

One of the biggest trends last year was the InterfaceFlor Modular Carpet Tile System- with good reason, since it eliminated the circle of hell that is measuring for area carpeting. The customizable tiles made perfect sense for renters who wanted to add cheer to their apartments without incurring the wrath of a landlord, pet owners (each tile could be replaced easily) and those of us who can't commit to just one color of carpet.

Philadelphia-based MIO takes the modular concept one step further with their 3D wallcovering system. Each 12"x12" tile, made from recycled materials, is cut to produce a 3D effect. Mix and match the tiles (available in two styles: V2, left; and Flow) to create your own pattern.

Most use the tiles on just one area of a wall, but try tiling an entire room in one color. An entryway/foyer is an excellent place to start- just eliminate extraneous decorative accents. Juxtapose a traditional dining room set with walls covered in white V2 tiles. Keep the lighting low to soften the geometric effect.