Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fighting the Dust Tax

I usually associate the term "Vintage" with "Even Though This Item Is Cracked, Dusty and Pretty Much Useless, I Have Tacked On An Extra Fee." For ease, I'll call it the "Dust Tax."

But I'll abandon my cynical principles when it comes to exquisite, hand-made objects that just aren't available today. For instance, I will happily term this owl bell (above, left) from Philadelphia-based online retailer Plaid City Village as an appropriate vintage item. You just can't find a good owl-shaped bell these days. Especially one that's been to Florida.

The doorway textile (bottom, left) from Ruka (114 S. 19th) is also appropriate vintage. Hand-embroidered peacocks grace the textile, meant to hang in your doorway or window. I think it would work better in an often neglected doorway, unless yours is frightfully low or you live amongst giants. This would also work well with two of the biggest trends for autumn, jewel colors and decorating accents that are, or appear to be, hand-made.