Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Giant Clocks for Giant Walls...

The average ceiling height in new construction homes (including condos) is rising. People want the illusion of space that tall walls create, but at the same time, are also frightened at the thought of living with them. Sometimes I think that people only look for high ceilings so they can buy giant christmas trees, but that's another story.

We've talked about using light and paint on big walls in order to get rid of the 'new construction' feeling. But accessories of proper scale are equally important. For example, there is nothing sadder than a massive wall with a normal sized (less than 1' foot diameter) clock. Big wall+Tiny Clock= Depressing apartment.

Twist Home (1134 Pine St) sells a variety of vintage European clock tower faces. They're real vintage, too- all manufactured between 1910-1920's. Though the prices seem high (starting at $2,400), I think you're getting a bargain when you consider the provenance. They'll also work in a smaller apartment, as you can see from the site's photos.