Friday, August 25, 2006

The Investment Chaise

Behold the $8,000+ chaise lounge.

If you have that sort of cash, then head over to the Baker Knapp & Tubbs showroom at the Philadelphia Marketplace Design Center (2400 Market St). Remember to bring your designer, as only licensed professionals can purchase from there.

However, you can indulge your fantasies by browsing during consumer hours (by reservation, I believe), or by heading over to the Baker website. I'm a big fan of Baker's wares, for offering luxurious contemporary interpretations of classic designs. The curved lines of this particular piece look very up-to-date, but the chaise is based on a Neoclassical era design. Overall, Baker's offerings are a very refreshing antidote for modern/mid-century overload.

Try juxaposing the classic pieces with these very neat mosaic tiles, available in Short Hills, NJ (amongst other places).