Thursday, August 31, 2006

Temporary Wall Decor

Available exclusively online through the Philadelphia-based company Urban Outfitters, the Blick Wall Sticks are temporary decals that you can apply to your walls for a small dose of movable cheer. Finally, a retailer extends the d├ęcor offerings for college students beyond butterfly chairs, scratchy x-long sheets and $20 milk crate containers.

These also are great for renters with particularly restrictive landlords (sidenote: forcing your inhabitants to live in rooms devoid of any color should be regarded as tenant abuse, in my opinion).

Do I think the wall graphics are a great idea? Yes. But I do have my reservations. First of all, the price point, at $38, is a bit high for essentially a piece of vinyl (this isn’t the highest price either- Target offers a similar package, but for $58). Fancy, but still cut vinyl. They also don’t offer you enough for your money—in order to make an effective design statement with these, you’d have to buy multiple packs.

I do have a much better solution, specifically for renters. The tips will be posted tonight at 10:30 p.m. (EST).