Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Instant Chandelier

So maybe I am the last person to sing the praises of Tord Boontje's Garland Light, which has been all over the design magazines for the past year now. Just add my voice to the chorus.

It's well-deserved praise, though. Unlike most light fixtures, the Garland Light doesn't require an entire afternoon devoted to installation (the garland portion clips on to a bulb). The garland also doesn't obscure the light source, so the piece remains functional instead of purely decorative. You can also control the length of the garland- stretch it for an odd stairway, or leave it massed around the bulb for use in closer quarters.

The Garland Light, at $60, is relatively affordable for the design quality and the overall impact it makes. Available through the AIA Bookstore and Design Center (17th and Samson).

(photo from AIA Bookstore)