Monday, September 25, 2006


So I'm expanding the features of Domestically Inclined, because...well, why not?

Starting this week, you'll find the following features frequently interspersed with the regular coverage of local goods:

Pantry Limbo: Ever wonder how cheap you can get while shopping for food/menu items or potent potables? Well, I frequently do. And here is where you'll find some answers.

The Library: I read about 2-4 books per week, leaving my head full of useless knowledge. But you'd be surprised at how handy this knowledge is when we're talking about home decor. You can't begin to comprehend the power of a first impression, for instance, without reading Auntie Mame. Well, maybe you can. But that book is very wonderful.

Sources from Allover: Occasionally I will come across a source that is worth sharing, but just happens to not be local to the area (but they do deliver).

Tips: Pretty self-explanatory, but what makes these special is that I usually have created them with renters/temporary residents/first-time-on-their-own-types in mind.

In the Papers: When you're too busy to even worry your pretty little heads with the news, you probably don't know what is going on in the home decor special sections. So I'll summarize.