Thursday, October 05, 2006

In the Papers

Stories to read from select Home & Design/Lifestyle coverage...

The New York Times tells us how to clean antique mirrors, live in an oil tank, and make secret compartments in our homes. (Registration required)

The Philadelphia Daily News is obsessed with dogs and wants us to dine at a place that charges $1/small chocolate candy.

The Associated Press is doing its best to stop the public from being interested in Rachel Ray (and why are they?). After seeing Nigella Lawson's new show, you will not feel appropriate watching a loud lady with awful mannerisms who refers to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as E.V.O.O.

Renters, consider yourself warned. And why pillow-shop when you can pay for the experience of making one? What is happening to our area? (Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Washington-Post teaches us how to keep your bedroom from becoming your personal decorating hell. Meanwhile, I quietly celebrate the return of pseudo-Victorian style decor.

I wish we could get a Marimekko store. (Boston Globe) (Registration Required)

The Times (London) has great ideas regarding screens and lighting.