Thursday, November 02, 2006

An Important Public Service Announcement

UPDATE, 11.06.06: The below situation has been delightfully taken care of. Thanks to Annalise!

I am going to take a moment to bring up an uncharacteristically serious issue. This has nothing to do with decanters, furniture or even the Schnapps bear (unfortunately).

Some readers have inquired about the web domain I would like to officially inform you that is not me.

This is an incredibly serious issue. Not only does this site appear to use the distinct moniker of Domestically Inclined, but it seems to intend to act in a similar capacity.

As we know, I take my role as editor of Domestically Inclined-Philadelphia Nests and Domestically Inclined-New Jersey Style very seriously. As a freelance home decor writer, the Domestically Inclined title is frequently referred to in my published works and throughout the public domain through interviews with the media, reviews and even on forums. My site has kindly been mentioned on Domino magazine's website, adding to the curious coincidence that someone would use this title.

I am hoping that the issue will be resolved shortly. Until then, do not be confused by this unfortunate incident.