Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jewels Are Life Enhancing

Personally, I have never gravitated towards using candles as home decor. Nothing against candles and the people who use them, really. It's just that I would feel a need to buy whimsically shaped candles, and then I would feel terrible lighting them. And if I just didn't light them, the candles would accumulate dust, and then I would feel bad about neglecting them. It's really a vicious cycle that I wasn't willing to participate in, if you can somehow follow that.

But I must say that I'm thinking of revising my opinion re: candles, all because of these vaguely medieval Jewel Stem Candle Holders, available at P.H.A.G.-Philadelphia Home Art Garden (252 S. 12th). They'd make a very nice impact on your Thanksgiving/Holiday tables, breaking up the formal nonsense of plain white china.