Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Party Before the Family Arrives

Fortify yourself with champagne cocktails, goodies and much-needed shopping before having to face endless family gatherings. Scarlett Alley (241 Race St.) is having a Holiday Party tomorrow night from 4-8:30 pm. You can view the invitation here. They'll be having a special on ornaments.
I know, I can't bear to think of tree-decorating either, but when I'm a sucker for animal-shaped ornaments, like the penguin at left by MoMa. Also look at the turkey serveware.
Photo from ScarlettAlley.com
Note: Apparently, I have the IQ of a cupcake at times. This event is this Wednesday, the 29th, not last week. Silly, silly. I'll chalk it up to both holiday and penguin-shaped ornament excitement.