Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rolling Out The Welcome Mat

You know what people tend to forget about when they decorate? Their doormats. The traditional "nubby" textured rubber doormats (the one that usually spell out "Welcome") weather quickly, while fiber doormats (the ones seemingly made from rejected toothbrush bristles) attract all sorts of disgusting sediments. The best doormats I've seen are those fantastic antique wrought iron specimens, which happen to be lawsuits waiting to happen once the icy weather begins.

However. I have found this doormat, through Williams-Sonoma, which mimicks the look of wrought iron through a clever rubber material. It's only available through their print and online catalogues, which might be for the best, since once you enter a Williams-Sonoma, you might just walk out with a $300 copper pot and a free inferiority complex.

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