Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Tasteful Alternative to Inflatable Snowpeople

I will never ever forget the ruffians who didn't let the fact that they lived on the third floor of a charming Federal townhouse stop them from partaking in holiday outdoor decor. They exposed the world to their holiday spirit by strapping a 6-foot-tall inflatable snowman to the exterior of their dingy little walk-up apartment, and then left it there to go flaccid well in to February.

But you wouldn't do that, now would you?

While everyone else is concerning themselves with displaying atrocities, you can reflect your whimsical good taste while still participating in the holiday tradition of putting things on to the lawn. And how do you do that? With a bunch of pink flamingos (from one of my all-time favorite internet retailers, FredFlare.com). I think pink flamingos are holiday appropriate, as they honor the thousands of lovable, spirited senior citizens who make the pilgramage to Florida for the winter months. Buy oodles.
Photo from fredflare.com