Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year, New Lighting

Isn't this a marvelous pendant lamp? At first, I thought I was looking a fixture inspired by a fancy seashell (forgive my glaring lack of marine science knowledge--the seashell I'm referring to resembles a puffy round ottoman or floor cushion), but then I saw the chandelier arms poking through the covering. Love that duality, along with the way the covering adds mass without sacrificing light. The pendant is the "Zeppelin" by Flos. It's designed by Marcel Wanders and is available through OLC (152-154 N. Third St).
Sidenote: Maybe it is the new year, but I'm leaning more towards neutrals as of late. Shopping the post-holiday sales, I picked up a set of 10 platinum-edged white china plates along with a few place settings of pearlized-handled silverware.