Friday, May 12, 2006

TIP: Allergy-free centerpieces, inspired by Positano Coast.

Did an interview at Positano Coast (212 Walnut St.) in March and was bowled over by the abundance of lemons- they were in centerpieces, on the walls, in lucite columns, on the bar (left, below) etc. Lemons everywhere. While it was part of the theme of the restaurant- Positano Coast makes its own Limoncello- the lemons-lemons-everywhere theme warmed up the room considerably, no small feat on that drizzly March day.

I've kept this memory in the recesses of my brain until today, when allergies struck again, aided by the mother's day flowers displays everywhere. Wrote a note to self: Flowers are a BAD idea in allergy-filled Philadelphia. Judging by the swollen eyes and constant sneezing of passersby, Philadelphia attracts the sort of allergans that Dyson vacuum cleaners can't handle. We could turn 1 Liberty Place in to a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and we'd all still have the punched-in-the-face look of the allergy sufferer.

So do your guests a favor, and replace your centerpieces with fruit. A bowl of lemons, with a few votives scattered about, gives you the color and warmth of a floral display. A tall glass vase, such as this one from P.A.D. Home Furnishings (804 N. 2nd), filled with kumquats, limes or other small citrus, would complete a mini-bar setup (next to differing sizes of pitchers, glasses and bottles).