Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Taking the Terror out of Guest Soaps.

Is there anything as precious as The Guest Soap? They're always the prettiest and nicest smelling, to the point where they become off limits to everyone- even guests. My grandmother had a lovely set of hand-carved rose shaped guest soaps, which we were all terrified to use. For more than a decade, these beautiful creations sat untouched, the home decor equivalent of a museum exhibit, until a fine layer of dust relegated them to the trashbin.

That memory came to mind when I saw the collection of soaps at Town Home (126 S. 19th). In addition to the darling set of "see no evil/hear no evil/speak no evil" monkey soaps (left), there are pigs, frogs, poodles and chickens. Not keen on animals in the bathroom? Then take a peek at pears, rose petals and robins eggs.

Though lovely, these soaps are deliciously scented and adorable enough to make people want to use them. Encourage use by breaking up sets, setting one by the kitchen sink, another by the tub and the last on the bathroom sink. Guests will get the message that these soaps are, in fact, there to be used. Lightly suds them up beforehand to drive home the message.