Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What on earth can you do with an egg cup?

Was poking about Manor Home and Gifts (210 S. 17th) when I came across a collection of egg cups. Initially, I was delighted by the range of styles- pewter colonial chic, modern, french country and this curious one shaped like a head (left). But then the big question: What can you possibly use an egg cup for these days?

Since I'm merely domestically inclined, as opposed to domestic (can set a proper table, but haven't the time to cook a proper course), the obvious answer- for a soft-boiled egg- does not apply. And when was the last time someone ate a soft-boiled egg anyway?

So leaving out eggs, you can do the following with an egg cup, depending on the size and materials: You can use it as a small candle holder (indeed, one of the egg cups at Manor Home doubles as a votive holder); to hold a serving of sauce for something dippable; as a single-serving sugar bowl with coffee; filled with a bit of water and holding a single large-head flower, snipped just below the bud; or as a makeshift, yet tasteful, shot glass.