Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bachelor Chic, Re-Interpreted

When my good friend Chris moved in to his first apartment, he inherited a lot of furniture from his friends and family. Especially from his old man bachelor uncle Kevin. He was--and might be still--a "confirmed bachelor" and a "skirt chaser." He wears blazers with embroidered, customized crests. He's in his 60's and lives life to its absolute fullest, and I'd like to think that he rides around town, leering, while on a Vespa.

This fabulous creature gave Chris a ton of his bachelor-chic furniture: tall bookcases (cause the ladies' love a man who reads), a king-sized headboard with built-in lighting (do I even need to say anything?) and of course, the ultimate bachelor sofa. It's, of course, bachelor-chic by way of the 60's, so it's a tufted, glazed leather with burnished brass upholstery tacks.

There are plenty sofas that fit the above description, but current ones lack the cushy overscaled dimensions of the old bachelor sofa. And usually, as is the case with contemporary sofas, you end up paying for design, instead of comfort. There seems to be no middle ground.

But a close ringer to the spirit of this sofa is the Chesterfield Couch from Dwelling (4050 Main St.). It's bachelor chic interpreted, overscaled and sumptuous, but with a lighter fabric. Would look equally right with a shaggy carpet, or a serious art collection.