Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Sophisticated Way to Store Your Loose Change...

The problem: You want a beautiful, classical marble bust of a famous historical figure, but you don't have the money for one. And there aren't any Marble Bust Stores nearby.

The solution: The Ben Franklin Bust/Bank. This is a very ingenious way to address the Marble Bust absence in your life. Not only is this a steal at $40, but the solemn face of Ben Franklin (and the coin deposit on his head) also encourages you to save your money, since it doubles as a bank. You can also carry it home from the Franklin Institute with ease, since it is made of lightweight materials. You can purchase it through the Franklin Institute Store, here.

You can keep it simple, and display as you would a normal classical bust (dramatically lit from above, perhaps on a pedestal of some sort), or you can casually place it in the bathroom.