Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Everyday Rococo Accessories

Did you know that Cher is getting rid of her collection of Rococo and Gothic home furnishings, to start over in a 'simple' Moroccan-meets-plenty-of-teak decorating scheme? She is.

And while I sincerely wonder if she's been spending too much time at Pier 1 (not that there's anything wrong with doing so if Pier 1 is what you like, it is just odd picturing glamorous Cher around anonymous wicker sets), I'd like to take this opportunity to shoot down the myth that Rococo = complicated decorating.

At left, is a candleholder by Gervasoni, available at the newly opened, much-anticipated Bruges Home (323A Race St.). The silhouette evokes the overwrought splendor of the mid 19th-century, but the unexpected flatness and all-white color make the piece simple. It's a very witty candleholder, with nary a glimmer of gold in site.

Photo courtesy of Gervasoni