Monday, October 23, 2006

Coral or Tree, You Decide

I haven't decided if these charming coat hangers from Usona (113 S. 16th) resemble a coral branch or a merely a denuded tree. The website says coral, but I see one of the many bare trees outside of my window right now. Perhaps certain people--and I'm using "people" the way one uses the royal "we"--can't accept the seasonably cold weather and can't escape the reminders that soon, one will need a parka and goggles to face the day.

But coral or tree, these Corallo coat hangers are a fantastic alternative to having to throw said parka on a lonely chair. I dare say that having a proper coat hanger will encourage civility in your home. I lean towards the coral-stained color, but I do think that the natural toned one would look well amongst swedish modern neutrals. The angles would break up the rectilinear forms nicely.

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