Thursday, October 19, 2006

In The Papers

Here is what's going on all over the country in Thursday Home newspaper sections...

One man's foot is another's many-thousand-dollar chair. [New York Times]

The latest trend in entertaining: making your friends do tough, manual labor. [New York Times]

Why not have the architect behind some of today's most recognizable buildings update the staid Philadelphia Museum of Art with an...underground art gallery? Wouldn't want to challenge people's perspectives while they are doing their Rocky Balboa run up the stairs, now would we?[Philadelphia Inquirer]

When lady guests show up to your Halloween party dressed like hookers, you can count on gourds to class the place up. [Washington Post]

A few weeks ago, I was looking at properties and found a home that had 5 half bathrooms, 2 full bathrooms and only 2 bedrooms. Not related to this article on bathroom design, but I just needed to share. [San Francisco Examiner]