Thursday, October 12, 2006

In The Papers

Career Trajectory of a New York Times Reporter: Go to Prestigious College, Suffer Through Journalism School, Work Your Way Through the Metro Section, Then Write About Air Fresheners. At least we know their homes are stinky, just like us common folk.

I knew it would happen eventually...we're gentrifying ourselves to the point where bathing in a steel tub will be the next big thing. Even Chloe Sevigny did it.

Hey, the LA Times thinks your family is ugly. (Under "Photos") [link repaired]

When the media finally shows up to photograph your newly renovated Munsters-style home, could you at least change out of your overalls? Or draw on a new pair of eyebrows?

Next time you're feeling lonely, just know that somebody, somewhere is making scented pinecones. Maybe you should call your Mother more often.