Friday, October 13, 2006


In the world of home decorating coverage, there is no such thing as having "brass balls." Merely felt ones. (USA Today)

Really? People get cold in the winter and should put more blankets in their home? I guess I should cancel the New Year's Speedo party. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Attention Power Couples: You too can have a $15,000 pillowcase to cry in to when your significant other leaves you for the ayurvedic massage therapist. (Hartford Courant)

The government can "protect" us from online gambling addictions, but who will save us from Kathy Ireland's home collection for Hallmark? I'm upset even typing that. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The real problem in the wrestling world is not steroids, but shutters. (Orlando Sentinel)

There goes Ikea, always instigating. (LA Times)